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The Dos and Don'ts of Getting Your Dog High


But offering some bud to your bud can present a flurry of ethical dilemmas. Is it okay, I wondered, to get your dog high?

I spoke to several experts about the dos and don't of dosing your pets. Their recommendations varied, but all of them agreed on one thing: Blowing smoke in your dog's face is extremely shitty. Guys, never do that.

"THC is toxic to dogs, and while it's pretty rare for a dog to die directly from THC intoxication, it's very likely that they'll at least need to spend a day at the hospital receiving supportive care until the full effects wear off," veterinarian Dr. Mark Primiano told me.

Some common signs that your pup is stoned are lethargy, excessive peeing, low blood pressure, ataxia (loss of bodily control), and even seizures. If you think your dog got into your stash, it's best to bring them to an emergency clinic right away.

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