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Bear Attack! (5 Bear Safety Resources for RVers)

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1 Though bear attacks are rare, they're not unheard of and are sometimes fatal. It's crucial that every RVer learns bear safety to avoid such a situation. So, I have compiled our bear safety articles into this master resource….

2 Bear Safety Resources

2.1 Resource #1: Careful Camping in Bear Country: What You Need to Know

2.2 Resource #2: Bear Safety and You: 3 Tips from an Expert

2.3 Resource #3: Podcast Episode 113: What You Need to Know About Being Safe in Bear Country

2.4 Resource #4: How to Safely Watch Bears: Via Live Streaming

2.5 Resource #5: RVing and Camping in Bear Country


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A Texas man was recently awoken by a bear biting his head while camping in New Mexico. That's right, its big jaws were wrapped around this sleeping camper's head. 

At first, Paul Georgoulis heard loud sniffing, and then the next thing he knew, a black bear grabbed his head in its jaws. Paul screamed until the bear let go and retreated.

"I scream as loud as I can, right in its ears, and it kind of lumbers off," Georgoulis stated after the attack.