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3D-printed titanium offers new possibilities for bike builders


The folks at Australia's Bastion Cycles, however, are taking things even further. Their recently-announced first model features filament-wound carbon tubes, joined to one another with titanium lugs that are 3D printed to fit the buyer.

Once the company's ordering system is up and running, customers will use an online portal to design their bike – this will involve things like submitting body measurements, and selecting desired ride characteristics. This data will determine the length of the tubes, and the dimensions/angles of the lugs.

From there, once the order has been placed, Bastion's 3D printer will go to work. Using a laser, it will selectively melt aerospace titanium powder, building the lugs up in layers one one-thousandth of an inch thick. All of the lugs (and wheel dropouts) for one bike can be printed in one build session, which takes less than a day to complete.