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Bloomberg Business: Executive Gun Control Coming 'Soon After New Year's Day'


On December 28 Bloomberg Business explained what form Obama's executive action on gun control will take and predicted it will come "soon after New Year's Day."

Breitbart News previously reported that the executive gun control was expected to be an expansion of background checks to cover gun shows or to cover more private sales by changing the legal language relating to private gun owners who sell firearms from their "personal collection," the way Americans have been doing since 1791.

Bloomberg Business believes Obama has settled on going around Congress to expand background checks by changing the way current law covers private gun owners who sell guns. This approach allows Obama to kill two birds with one stone by expanding background checks to cover more private sales in a way that will also expand checks to private sellers at gun shows.

Would such an expansion have stopped high profile shootings like the Colorado Springs Halloween attack, the Umpqua Community College attack, the August on-air shooting of a reporter and cameraman in Virginia, or the Lafayette theater attack? No. Because all the gunmen and alleged gunmen in these instances passed background checks for their firearms.