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A stay at the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel will be a drop in the ocean


One firm hoping to make waves is Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel. It is waiting for a developer to splash out on one of its "world first fully self-contained affordable mini-luxury underwater hotels."

We've seen a number of underwater hotel concepts and projects in the past, such as those from Poseidon Resorts and the Water Discus Hotel. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel claims, however, that its prefab, modular design can be delivered faster, cheaper and more scalably than anything else.

Based on the Florida island of Key West, the company says that many of its competitors are offering designs that will cost in the region of US$11 million per guest room to construct and estimates resulting nightly rates of $4,000-$6,000. In contrast, it says its approach will only cost around $1.7 million per room, with a standard 12-room deployment therefore costing about $20 million. For guests, this would mean nightly room-rates in the more affordable region of $3,000-$6,000.

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