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The Excruciating, 200-MPH World of Wingsuit Racing


Ridler's first wingsuit flight was two years ago. It would have been sooner, but the US Parachute Association requires you complete 200 skydives before allowing you to exit a plane dressed like an amped up flying squirrel. "The one thing I was the most nervous about," he says, was "strapping myself into a straight jacket and throwing myself out of a plane." 

That seems like a good place to focus anxiety, especially since Ridler says he's still afraid of heights. But now that he's competing in the air, not just enjoying flight, he he worries more about winning. That means staying in shape, both mentally and physically. Ridler's work on the ground includes lots of core workouts, yoga for flexibility, and meditation to hone his focus and "slow down those moments that are flying by."