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EPA Raises Alarm Over GMO Crops That Are Breeding Swarms Of These Mutant Bugs


 It was reported this week that genetically modified crops, corn specifically, has created a pesticide resistant rootworm, that is now stronger and more numerous than ever before. To make matters even worse, due to the growing over-infestation, farmers have been forced to use even more of the harmful pesticides that have been known to contribute to cancer, and are suspected of devastating the global honeybee population.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States Environmental Protection Agency has taken a recent interest in the rootworm problem, and they are expected to set limits on the amount of genetically modified corn that can be grown in the US.

Bill Jordan, the EPA's deputy head of pesticide programs said that the problem is getting worse, and suggested that limits are needed to keep the rootworm in check.

"It is getting worse, what's happened so far hasn't prevented these problems from arising, so we see need for something more," Jordan said.

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