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Deputy Won't Be Charged In Shooting Death of 19-Year-Old Trying to Leave a Party

• Reason Magazine

Although the portion of the video of the incident that was publicly released (see this May Hit and Run entry) made his story seem improbable—as it seemed to show him approaching her departing car from the side with her front well past him—a grand jury in Boone County, Kentucky, faced with a prosecutor's death investigation evidence concluded that Samantha Ramsey did indeed represent a threat to the life of Deputy Tyler Brockman such that he was justified in shooting her four times from the hood of her car, into a car with three other passengers....

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Why would any corporate nazi be charged with murdering anyone when they all now have 007 license?

Comment by Ed Price
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Forget the grand jury. There aren't ever enough people on the grand jury to make it a lawful grand jury anyway. Current grand jury laws were passed as such so that Government had a way out so they could say there really was no grand jury. But they would have to be talking to a people for that to take effect.

In this case, whoever "owned" the property named "Samantha Ramsey," needs to come forward with a claim against the human being who wrongfully deprived them of their property. They need to require their property returned to them in the same condition that the property was taken from them. Or else, they need to require a certain set fee that they believe that the property was worth. This fee may include incarceration of the human being who wronged them, right up to and including the death penalty.