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High-tech watercraft transforms from monohull, to catamaran...

•, By C.C. Weiss

A pair of hydraulically actuated hulls allows it to transform before your eyes, even while in motion.

The Kormaran is a high-tech piece of innovation that lets boaters enjoy the benefits of different types of boats without investing in a small marina of individual models. The key to its multifunctional design is in the kinetic outrigger hulls that quickly change its shape and character.

When drawn completely inward via the electronically activated hydraulic arms, the outrigger hulls fold into the fuselage-like central hull to create a monohull. When deployed partially, they become the dual hulls of a catamaran, with the body set above the water. Deploy them completely, and the body drops to the water's surface becoming the third hull of what is now a trimaran.