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Stiglitz vs. Krugman on Scotland; Polls Diverge; New Fearmongering Tactics ..


Actually, the warning probably should be "Stay and you stay forever" because the UK will never allow such a vote again.

Regardless, no country should want to be under the thumb of another.

Polls Diverge

The vote for Scottish independence is now too close to call. In a Scottish Poll Roundup one new poll over the weekend shows the "Yes" vote with a substantial 54-46 lead, but most polls show the "No" vote with a tiny lead.


ICM (online) 54%

Panelbase (online) 49%

ICM (phone) 49%

TNS (face to face) 49%

YouGov (online) 48%

Opinium (online) 47%

Survation (online) 47%

Survation (phone) 46%