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ReFuel smart propane tank gauge to ensure you're cooking with gas


Joining the family is Refuel, a smart propane gas gauge designed to ensure your barbeque guests aren't dished up a plate of salad and raw meat after your grill runs out of gas.

The brainchild of Anthony Reddington, the ReFuel consists of a ring base of reinforced plastic and rubber on which a barbeque's propane tank is placed. This ring acts as a scale to measure the weight of the tank and calculate the amount of fuel remaining, which can be displayed by a series of LEDs on a sensor module. This sensor module is connected to the base via a heat-resistant cable and attaches magnetically to the tank or grill.

Gas levels can also be tracked remotely through the Wink app (available for iOS and Android), which also tracks the user's barbequing habits over time to calculate the average tank life in days and the average number of grills per tank. The user can also receive alerts when gas is running low. However, Wink app functions require the ReFuel to be connected to the home Wi-Fi network.