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So, there's a rootkit hidden in millions of cellphones


The rootkit belongs to a company called Carrier IQ and it seems that it has low-level access to the system that allows it to spy on pretty much everything that you do with your handset. This, on the face of it, seems like an extremely serious breach of security, privacy and trust.

The capabilities of the rootkit were first discovered by 25-year-old Trevor Eckhart.

Here’s a video showing how everything, including text messages and encrypted web searches, are being logged. It’s truly horrifying.
This all sounds, uh, bad. Is this legal?
Paul Ohm, a former prosecutor with the Justice Department says no way. He recently posted on Twitter: “If the Carrier IQ/cellphone rootkit story is accurate, this is a clear, massive, felony wiretap. Not a close case.”
(Publisher: Ahhhh, Yeah... they'll get right on it... NOT)

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Comment by Charles Arasim
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So, even if the phone is in airplane mode it is still transmitting. Isn't this a violation of FAA regulations and clearly endangering the flying public?

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