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FDA to Diamond Foods: “Your Walnuts Are Drugs”

• Lew Rockwell
Just recently I posted about the Feds crashing a Kansas winery to seize the illegal contraband ("drugs") being produced by the company: elderberry wine. Come to find out that prior to that the FDA had gone after Diamond Foods for its claims that its walnuts are good for overall health. Here is the full letter sent from the FDA to Diamond Foods.

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Comment by James17
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This is going to continue for everything that you and I eat to maintain our own good health. These fools in the FDA are being paid to cause this kind of trouble so as to bring the nations food sources under control of large corporations that want to make a larger profit from our food sources. We need names of those that did the raid, those that ordered this from the top to lowest and all of those people behind closed doors that are out to kill, steal and destroy. Just maybe we could put them in a place where they fear for their safety and that of their families, just like they are doing to the rest of us. 

Comment by Hawkeye
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I bet that some brain dead  repulsive American Cops did just what they were told,and then went home and hugged their children,and told their children that they loved them,and are working hard to make sure their future is bright.