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Axel Merk: Why Is Anyone Still Waiting to Sell the Dollar?

From Chris Martenson "The Fed can buy billions, even a trillion or so, but if and when the market is moving against the policymakers then there is no stopping. The Fed cannot stem that tide. There is only so much that they can manage and so it is something that they have to watch very carefully. At the same time, they are not terribly concerned. If the bond market is falling, you do not know whether it is because of more economic growth or because of more inflation, and you really only know after the fact. So for now people think “We have economic growth kicking in”, until the next economic numbers are not as great as expected and so it is a bit like a boiling frog syndrome. You print in all this money, you think everything is great and you have some warning signs but you think “Things are moving along” and by the time that you really see the damage you have created, it is quite late to undo this damage and it is going to be very, very expensive and painful." So remarks Axel Merk, currency specialist and founder of the Merk Mutual Funds, who is perplexed by those waiting for additional warning signs to sell the dollar. In his view, we have all the evidence we need. He and Chris discuss the inner workings of the Fed and the course it is determinedly charting - and the looming dangers ahead for the US dollar. Click here to listen to Chris' interview with Axel Merk (runtime 40m:55s): Read the Transcript of the Podcast Report a Problem Playing the Podcast In this podcast, Axel explains: Why Ben Bernanke is hell-bent on debasing the US dollar to spur economic growth How the politics of the Fed work, where the power lies and which arguments and actions are likely to carry the day Why inflation expectations actually matter more than actualy inflation, and why the Fed will not rest until it is satisfied the market expectations for inflation are higher That the US is on its way to a fiscal trainwreck - a reality our political leadership continues to lack to backbone to address honestly

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To see why the dollar is falling in value throughout the world, against the other currencies of the world, and against the value of gold and silver, see the bottom comment in the article found at

Especially look at the part that reads, "Now, NOT borrowing from the banks wouldn't be such a problem except for 2 things: ..."

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