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Dollar crash and changeover to IMF World currency may take place THIS MONDAY 8/24

• Freedom Fighter Radio
Martial Law will then be declared because of the rioting and deliberate desired control over our people. Restricted travel and checkpoints on all major interstates as regions are effected. Massive gun confiscation (supposedly for our safety, of course). If you don’t think they are coming to your door to try to take them, think again!!!  

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
Entered on:

Either Jim will be right... or wrong.

His opinions will either be more valuable or less.

My willingness to allow people to express themselves openly is... valuable :)

Comment by picard
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How paranoid...currency crashes do not happen this fast. Now if you said that it was going to happen in 2-3 years maybe,just maybe you would be more credible

Comment by Lucky Red
Entered on:

 I await with baited breadth...

It it doesn't happen, however, I can always rely on the world ending on 2012.  Now, that one is happening for sure!

Comment by David40
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So if this does NOT happen you realize the credibility of Freedom Fighter Radio and Freedoms Phoenix will be forever tainted?
It would be nice to be looked at as a Prophet if it comes to pass, but I am hesitant to pass this along because I don't want to look like a fool if it does not happen.
Can we get any verification on this?