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If you think the government's here to help, think again!

Armed jack boots confiscate family's personal food supply. Is this a prelude to government created depression, or even famine?

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Please show the pictures of the men/women that actually went into the home and took the food.
We must show these pictures to the Children of these NAZI`S....and their families...if they have families,that is.
We must make sure that the people they call friends know exactly who these people are,and what they are doing behind those mask.Please!!! if any of these people live near you,and,or your family,point them out so that we will know who they are.
This is the kind of SLIME the Police Academy looks for these days....SLIME is what I said.......SLIME
Investigate the Academy (s)....Nip it in the Bud