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Comment by William Patriot
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Frosty, good report !
The fault lies with the individual, if they refuse to think and act for themselves and stop relying on others to correct the wrongs we witness, there will be only more of the same !
Action speaks louder than words ! These mayors are just as vulnerable to our actions as the ones who commit crimes.
It is way past time to return to the policy of tar & feathers for those who give santuary to undesirables.
We must stand on our two feet and stop these gang members in their tracks permantly ! We must no longer adhere to the lie of not taking the law into our own hands. God placed the law into the hands of the individual when he told the whole village to stone to death any one who violated His law.
If we did as he stated , we would have never accepted a police Dept. to do what they were never equipped to do, to protect & serve. What a joke on us ! They only act after the fact !
As armed individuals, we have an obligation to protect ourselves and others. It is past time we returned to law & order through self defense and ignore the lies of not allowing us to take the law into our own hands.
We must show everyone we mean buisness, no matter what sanctions and illegal laws may provide.
If we are the government ,for & by the people, Let us prove it. It is our responsibility, not someone elses.

Comment by Hawkeye
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One can do whatever one wants to do when their is no price to pay.
I think we should start to deal with the Mayors and others that are helping to kill Americans...they must PAY a Price for their deeds..Lets deport them to Mexico where they will be much happier.

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