Article Image 9mm vs 45: Is 9mm Better For Concealed Carry?


9mm vs 45: Is 9mm Better For Concealed Carry?

Written by Sam Jacobs Subject: United States

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9mm vs 45 ACP is perhaps the greatest caliber debate that seems to never die.  
There are many great debates that grace the display cases of gun stores and internet forums about which personal defense ammo or firearm is superior…1911 vs Glock, AR-15 vs AK-47, 30-06 Springfield vs 308 Winchester, and 9mm vs 40 S&W, just to name a few. 
And although proponents of certain firearms/cartridges are often very stalwart in their positions, there are none that are so unrelenting, tenacious, and resolute in their position than those in the 9mm vs 45 ACP caliber debate. 
Many shooters will make the blanket statement that the debate over 9mm Luger and 45 ACP comes down to magazine capacity vs stopping power. 
However, this is a very apples to oranges approach when it comes to comparing these two personal defense handgun calibers. 
There's no denying that the 9mm has higher magazine capacity than the 45 ACP as the 9mm is a smaller round. Often he who brings the most rounds to the fight wins and 9mm definitely jams a lot of rounds in the mag. However, stopping power and bullet diameter is another issue as well as penetration. The 45 ACP is an excellent cartridge for penetration and kinetic energy without punishing recoil, albeit more than the 9mm. 
The decision comes down to which handgun caliber you will carry more regularly or which one you prefer. Handgun weight is something that many people ignore when picking a caliber and often 9mm handguns are lighter and easier to conceal. Carrying a 45 ACP demands certain wardrobe considerations and dedication to your chosen caliber. 

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