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The US Empire's Impending Suicide

• - Karen Kwiatkowski

Those who believe in the state, admire the state, and are consumed by the state are acutely aware its pillars are collapsing. The ship is sinking, rivets are popping, and steel screaming.  We can all see the realization of what the near future holds in each other's eyes.

The US as a republic, created to ensure individual liberty and oppose the overweaning state, is long gone, smothered in its crib before it was a day old.  200 years later, even the lepidopteran Fukuyama – feeding upon the nectar of a perfect neoliberal dreamscape in the late 1980s – was not oblivious to reality.  His later work intimates that winter is coming.

Winter is a time of both rest and quickening, of reflection and new ideas, of healing and slow strengthening of roots, of anticipation.  It pairs well with sleep, where both physical and mental peace and order is systemically restored.  The US, as a system of domestic and global empire, is long overdue for such healing, and in the case of imperial ambitions, a permanent sleep.  We, as subjects and slaves of this sick empire, sorely need restoration of peace and order, the kind that is only generated from deep within.