All Aboard for China Bashing

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All Aboard for China Bashing

by Stephen Lendman 

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The common denominator defining nation bashing by the US and its press agent media is their sovereign independence, free from from US imperial control.

That makes them threats to US national security, making them targets for regime change — by preemptive wars, state terror, illegal sanctions, coups, or all of the above.

Throughout the post-WW II period, the above scenario played out time and again — successfully and unsuccessfully.

China is a special case. It's the only nation heading toward surpassing the US in the years ahead to become the world's leading economy — an intolerable notion to both right wings of Washington's one-party state.

It's why China is singled out for special bashing, the US wanting its growing political, economic, industrial, and technological growth undermined, its leadership vilified — a strategy doomed to fail.

Yet it persists without letup, notably since Trump took office.

Despite most 4th estate members enraged over his defeating media darling Hillary to snatch victory from looked like certain jaws of defeat, they're in lockstep with him on all things China.

CNN, the most distrusted name in television fake news is part of the onslaught — repeating official Big Lies, inventing some of its own.

Anyone following its propagandacasts are certain to be domestic and geopolitical know-nothings.

Of course, the same thing applies to the entire US-led Western media establishment, a collective lying machine that long ago abandoned what journalism is supposed to be.

Ignoring praise of China's coronavirus response by the WHO and respected medical journal The Lancet, CNN echoed the Trump regime's Big Lie about its ruling authorities "suppressing vital early information about the outbreak and downplaying its severity (sic)."

That's precisely what Trump did for weeks after outbreaks began increasing. China's response was polar opposite.

Addressing the issue strongly, it went all-out to contain and eliminate outbreaks, keeping the world community informed of its actions that made the country the world leader in combatting the virus.

In contrast, Trump regime mishandling of outbreaks made the US the world's leading laggard in containing them.

No evidence suggests lack of transparency and cover-up by China. The Trump regime is guilty on both counts.

Separately, CNN repeated Washington's accusation about alleged Chinese cyberattacks to steal US COVID-19 research data — despite no evidence suggesting it.

On Tuesday, CNN claimed that "China could shape any result in its favor by putting off (a) WHO investigation until after the pandemic" subsides.

President Xi Jinping supports a probe into COVID-19's origin.

For now, combatting it is top priority, China cooperating with other countries to contain and eliminate outbreaks.

When things are brought under control and more is known about the coronavirus, an investigation into all aspects of it would be appropriate — provided it's based on science and not politicized, the latter what concerns Beijing, especially if the US and its imperial allies control things.

According to CNN disinformation, delaying the probe and letting it be conducted by the WHO, as China urged, is a way for Beijing to "avoid any potential future fallout (sic)."

The Trump regime wants evidence absolving itself of mismanagement, wanting China blamed for its own indifference to public health and welfare.

Since no anti-China evidence exists, the Trump regime wants it invented the same way the US invents pretexts for wars by hot and other means on targeted nations threatening no one.

According to CNN, echoing Trump regime Big Lies about China, "top WHO officials are too close to Beijing," despite no evidence suggesting it.

The WHO warrants plenty of criticism. Accusing its officials of pro-Chinese bias is rubbish.

Evidence suggests that one or more COVID-19 outbreaks likely first occurred in Hawaii late last summer.

They may have occurred in France and/or elsewhere in Europe before China's were reported in late December.

No evidence suggests the coronavirus was manufactured in a Chinese biolab.

One day, evidence may show it was made in the USA, used as a bioweapon at home and abroad to further its imperial agenda globally and more greatly thirdworldize America, along with letting dominant US corporations consolidate to greater size.

COVID-19 outbreaks have diabolical earmarks of a second time around 9/11 with potentially much greater harm unleashed on humanity worldwide — the worst yet to come.

What establishment media like CNN should report, they suppress — featuring state-approved propaganda instead on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

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