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US Pressure on Saudis for Endless War in Yemen

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US Pressure on Saudis for Endless War in Yemen

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

In mid-September, a joint Saudi/UAE statement said both regimes urge "an immediate end to all military operations (and) constructive dialogue."

At the same time, they said there's "no alternative" to the US-installed Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi puppet regime Ansarullah Houthis reject.

Last week, AMN News reported that Saudi-led forces "launch(ed) a major offensive along the Yemeni border."

The next day, it said "UAE-backed forces score(d) an important advance in western Yemen."

On Saturday, Southfront reported that the Saudis "halt(ed) airstrikes on Yemen, citing Beirut-based Al Mayadeen satellite television.

According to unnamed sources, the decision followed the devastating Houthi September 14 attack on key Saudi oil facilities.

Previous Houthi peace overtures were rejected by Riyadh. On Saturday, a report by the UAE-based The National said the following:

"Saudi Arabia says it views a truce called by (Yemeni Houthis) positively," quoting its vice minister of war Khalid bin Salman — at the same time falsely blaming Iran for the September 14 strikes on key kingdom oil facilities no evidence suggests it had anything to do with.

Saudi crown prince, de facto ruler in charge of Riyadh's war in Yemen Mohammad bin Salman claimed he's "open (to) all initiatives for a political solution in Yemen."

It's a nonstarter as long as the kingdom is allied with Washington's aggression in the country.

On October 5, Yemeni Supreme Revolutionary Committee chairman Mohammed Ali al-Houthi said war in the country won't end unless and until the US and its imperial allies halt their aggression.

At the same time, he and the Houthi Supreme Political Council welcome dialogue to end fighting — warning that if Riyadh rejects peace, it'll suffer continued heavy losses.

Houthi Supreme Political Council member Mohammed al-Bukhaiti said the Ansarullah movement "will never accept a partial halt to the Saudi attacks on Yemen in return for a total halt on our part," adding:

"We will not remain silent in the face of the militaristic movements of the UAE, which are not in their favor. The Emirates must leave Yemen completely."

On Sunday, Press TV reported that Ansarullah Houthis accused the Trump regime of preventing restoration of peace and stability to Yemen.

I previously explained Yemen's strategic importance to the US — that doesn't and won't ever justify endless war on the nation and its long-suffering people.

The country is located near the Horn of Africa on Saudi Arabia's southern border, the Red Sea, its Bab el-Mandeb strait (a key chokepoint separating Yemen from Eritrea through which millions barrels of oil pass daily), and the Gulf of Aden connection to the Indian Ocean.

No threat is posed to maritime oil or other traffic by Iran, the Houthis, or anyone else regionally.

Endless war rages in the Yemen, elsewhere regionally, in Central Asia, and in other theaters because conflicts feed the US-led Western military, industrial, security, media complex — enriching it by countless billions of dollars annually.

In the 1930s, noted journalist George Seldes denounced what he called a "worldwide munitions racket," citing WW I militarists and weapons makers in the US and Europe.

Calling them "merchants of death," he said it's all about pursuing "imperialism (and) colonization – by means of war. (T)he healthfulness of the business depends on slaughter. The more wars," the more riches.

He discussed it in his 1934 book titled "Iron, Blood and Profits" — "big money and big profits" from endless wars — far greater today than pre-WW II.

Throughout most of the post-WW II era, the US has been on a permanent war footing — against invented enemies because real ones don't exist, the human toll never a consideration when US forces preemptively attack other nations.

Ongoing US wars in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere won't end as long as dark force militarists running things want them continued.

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