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Contest to name the 2% sales tax on food repeal effort

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The City of Phoenix after years of outright thievery is having a problem meeting its payroll.  So rather than doing what you, or I are being forced to do with reduced earnings coming in, and cutting their expenditures they have elected to do what all armed gangs do... shake down their poor victims for more money.  In this case they quickly passed with little notice a 2% sales tax on food.  Because in these hard times they so care about your family.

Announcing a contest open to anyone.  Yes, even a sleazy mayor can participate.

Winner gets a Freedom's Phoenix medallion.

We need a catchy organizing/ web site name for mocking, humiliating, shaming or  repealing this sales tax on food.

It can be funny or a zinger.  Obviously keep it reasonably short as people do not want to type in a long web address.

The domain name must be free, so email me your name submissions at using the subject line "2% Food Tax contest."  Do not post your ideas as the bad guys might register it.  In case of a tying winning entry, the first person submitting the winning idea is the winner.

Winner will be announced with the launching of the web site.  Contest closes February 9th, 2010 at 12:01 a.m. MST.
I will post a list of suggestions after the contest ends, because creative ideas deserve to be shared.

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Comment by rewrite
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2 % sales tax on food ???    Name it;  RIP OFF    or  SCREW THE CONSUMER   TAX 

Comment by Die Daily
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End The Unfed

Comment by Anonymous
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 Food-Use Consumption Knowledge You Ought to Understand

Comment by Jet Lacey
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 Come up with some good ones because Daddy's got quite a "hunger" for that coin.

Comment by none someone
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Food Tax Fraud Food Tax Boycott Axe the Food Tax PHX Food Tax = Serfdom