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America's Nuremberg Trials: Those who violate their oaths, take note.

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There is no greater need in America today than the need to get the Federal government out of our lives. That is the opinion expressed by individuals across the political spectrum.

America's Constitution laid out a limited role for the Federal government. That role was clearly defined; nearly all of the functions for government staying either with the states or the people; instead of respecting the limited scope of the duties assigned Federal government has ignored every barrier intended to protect Americans from the assault of misapplied authority.

Those acting under orders from Congress, the President, or any other authority should take note; under the mandate of the Constitution you are guilty of treason. They shoot traitors. The question is not if, but when.

Just because those now abusing power are not now charged does not mean they can evade accountability. That accounting will, inevitably, come.

The precedents are how firmly loaded and locked. Americans are patient. During the period leading up to the Revolution there was a long period when the colonists asked for redress. Then they stopped asking, establishing a new theory of government from the idea wherein the sovereignty was directly in the people. That theory was immortalized in the Declaration of Independence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, —“

The Constitution is merely the tool adopted to carry out that mission, covered in the subsequent paragraph.

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

The government of the Constitution is the plumbers helper the Founders chose. It of itself has no rights and can be changed at will. Despite the manipulations on the part of all branches of the hired help, Congress, Executive, and the Supreme Court, the mission statement remains the foundation on which the rights of individuals stand. America is not its government; America is the people who decide what they will use to organize their communities. Government is just that plumbers helper we use to keep the lines flowing smoothly.


Attempts on the part of those now in power to create the appearance of a continued mandate through stolen elections, lies, and fraud are all actionable offenses covered under Title XI. Those involved have no place to hide when accountability is exacted.


The logic of events now unfolding will take us to America's own Nuremberg Trials; those considering whether or not to cooperate with the treasonous agenda now in motion need to confront that reality.


Americans, right and left, are now moving towards a consensus on taking governance back to the most local level. Formerly big government leftists are reregistering Republican to support Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate whose record is consistent regarding the Constitution. Other campaigns, largely funded and promoted through corporate interests gauge only their popularity with the corporations in control.


Paul promises nothing but to get the Federal government out of the lives of Americans and Americans are listening and working to get him the Republican nomination.


The Paul campaign, divided into the formal, reporting Headquarters located in Arlington, Virginia and the fluid, volunteer driven, decentralized campaign that is redefining the tools provided by the Internet, represent a revolution themselves. The formal organization is largely ineffective, according to activists across the country. The power and weight of the Paul Campaign comes from the people, most of them focused on the issue of the Constitution.


Because of the media blackout and the lack of means for assessing the grassroots factors the real size of the campaign is mostly unreported and overlooked. Those involved, who see it on the ground estimate its size to be four times as large as indicated by conventional means of measuring effectiveness.


Therefore, the amount associated for the third quarter, in this week, should not be the $5,100,000.00 raised but $20,000,000.00. In that third quarter the money raised came from 127,000individuals. That is monumental.


All signs point to a massive movement coming into existence, involving factions and factors that are all but invisible to those in power. Over the last months the cooperation and communications between those diverse factions has increased.

When historians write the history of this time the continuing oblivion of those in power will strike the reader.


Taking governance back to the local level involves several related steps. Understanding the role of those legally empowered to act on behalf of the people is just one of those steps. Other factors include alternative energy, rejection of the role of Federal power, the swelling peace movement, and the call from Evangelical Christians for no support of the mainstream candidates, a strong indicator of sentiment in the group that was once the mainstay of the present regime. The trends are unmistakable.

The Sheriff in each county can order the Federal government out.

In each county the Constitutional power is placed in the hands of those elected to exercise those powers on behalf of the citizens. The chief law enforcement officer in each county is therefore the Sheriff.

What is clearly laid out is the chain of authority. The broad strokes of the future are therefore determined. The questions here are all details, essential, but just details.

Agents attempting to enforce Federal laws, statutes, or regulatory mandates over the objections of the county sheriff are acting in violation of the Constitution.

The relationship of the Federal government with counties was determined by the Supreme Court in 1997 with the Mack - Printz Decision. That decision affirmed the standing of the sheriff in a county to order Federal agents out when the Sheriff deems federal law to be unconstitutional.

The issue had arisen with the passage of the federal Brady Gun Control Act. Attempts to assert Federal control over local law enforcement failed, resulting in the Mack – Printz Decision. Sheriff Jay Printz of Montana and Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona, refused to cooperate with the asserted power of Federal law enforcement.

That decision did not stop the Feds.

Today there are more laws that are Unconstitutional than those that stand the test. Despite attempts at conversion of power from the states to what is effectively a federalized serial monarchy, none of those attempts are allowed by American principles or by the Constitution.

When Sheriff Jay Printz walked out of the meeting held in Helena, Montana, having realized that he was being asked to violate the Constitution no other Sheriff got up and followed him. People tend to be herd animals; the herd stayed to be intimidated, deer caught in the headlights of life.

At a sheriff's association meeting in Phoenix, Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack was handed a documents from ATF to all of the sheriffs assembled. Mack read the paper placed in his hands and noticed that there were gross misstatements of even the Constitutionally questionable bill that Congress had passed into law in 1993.

What Mack saw was the most intrusive bill in the history of the country. Sheriffs were threatened with arrest if they refused to comply. “Who ever knowingly fails to comply with these provisions is subject to a year in jail and a $10,000 fine or both.” The phrase was burned into his mind; he had announced on public radio that he would not comply.

Both Printz and Mack sought injunctive relief. Attorney General Janet Reno tried to back off, writing a memo saying this only applied to gun store owners. The transcript tells another story.

The transcripts from Congress showed that it was the intention to arrest local law enforcement. This is clear evident of collusion to commit treason; a long term move to continue the conversion. Those who voted and spoke for this in Congress are therefore guilty. As subsequent moves to militarize local police and shift the nexus of control to the Federal government continues through such measures as LESO, more people in the pay of government are making themselves vulnerable to justice, delayed but inevitable.

Today Sheriff Mack is beginning a campaign to awaken in sheriffs across the country the need to adhere to the Constitution.

The Nuremberg Trials were filled with flaws of procedure; the rights of many were violated, some confessions were extracted by torture – but the principle of accountability remains clear. Abuses should never have been allowed. This time we need to make sure that the record is clear on each individual charged. From the local cop who tasers a student who asserts his right to ask questions to the CPS who uses delegated authority to take a child from parents so that child can be sold to others; From those at the state level who cooperate; to those in Congress who take the lavish pay and benefits in exchange for providing the means whereby Americans are to be enslaved. All need to face the consequences of their actions. An accounting is due and it will happen just like the stone dropped from the top of the cliff eventually hits the bottom.

The confrontation is coming. And when the people take back their government the Trials will follow. Now is the time for those individuals who have placed themselves in service to tyranny to read the Constitution, understand the truth and what the costs will be to each of them.

Hear Sheriff Richard Mack talk about his campaign to explain the facts to sheriffs and the citizens of counties across the country on the Spiritual Politician at this Friday at 4pm Pacific Time with host, Melinda Pillsbury-Foster.

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Comment by William Patriot
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All praise to Melinda Pillsbury Foster !
If only all Americans knew these facts, the change would take place a lot faster.
If only the sheriff of each county would deputize every citizen in his county who was reliable,then all government agencies would be null and void throughout this Republic.
The government would be forced to stand down,and their influence would cease.
Then we could form a New and better way of governing, we now know the present one is volunerable to the evil of money and power.
It is usless to try and mend it under the present corruption,therefore we must form a new one.
These traitors will eventually find themselves waiting for trial in the concentration camps entended for us which they built with our tax money here in the United States Republic.
Perhaps Ron Paul and supporters,including the Sheriffs will take this oppertunity to do so, even if somehow he is refused the presidency by evil ploys.
I pray with all my heart & soul this will be accomplished without innocent blood being shed by anyone. May our God aid us in this task.

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