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Stop the Genocide in Palestine

Written by Subject: NeoCons

Col. David Antoon will speak out on the Spiritual Politician Friday, June 1, at 4pm Pacific Time on the genocide now taking place in Palestine. Children are dying, blown to pieces so small their parents can't even find them to bury.

Antoon's daughter, Emily, is now working in Palestine along with others determined to stop the killing and help Palestinians find justice from the world community.

Col. David Antoon graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1970 and served nearly three tours of duty in Vietnam. The Col. Looked death in the face as war. During his tour of duty in that war zone he received 3 Air Medals, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Meritorious Service Medal. He retired from the Air Force in in the early 90s and now flies a 747 for a major airline. He has received two graduate degrees and is a fluent Arabic speaker. He has traveled extensively in the middle east. His last job before retiring was oversight of part of the construction of the B – 2 Bomber.


In the early 80s Col. Antoon became a father, he and his wife, Linda, a former AF Major and neonatal ICU nurse, have four children and it was fatherhood that made him revisit the issues he had encountered while first in the military.

Those issues brought him to confront national policy, the use of war to subsidize corporations, how our money is spent, and the genocide that is presently being carried out against Palestine. His oldest daughter, Emily, is now in Palestine working for a justice that has been denied those native to the nation of Palestine for so long.

All of us know about the genocide that took place in Nazi Germany; some of us know about the genocide visited on the Armenians in the opening years of the 20th Century and other blood baths that have been carried out for political purposes across the face of the globe. But how many of us are aware that today in Palestine another genocide is underway? Carried out under cover of euphemistic media coverage, carefully worded to disguise an agenda of death, thousands are dying slowly, blown to bits. Children are targeted, shot, maimed. Using a terror that makes Nazi Germany look mannerly and compassionate, lives are being snuffed out coldly as part of a long term plan to eliminate a nation from the face of the Earth.

Will we continue to tolerate a genocide in our midst? What can a father do to stop it? What can a father do when that genocide is distorting the world for the children he loves? This father answers that and other questions.