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Paul Snow (Factom) on Basket Cryptocurrencies - Del Bigtree (VAXXED; The HighWire) on vaccine corruption. Also, speaker at the Vaccine Education Summit - Richard Greco (creator of 'Orville Crew') on Pirates in the Orville Galaxy and why Anarchy Is On

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The very vulgar statement by 2020 presidential hopeful, Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) shows just how ready she is to be leader of the free world. This was not a closed meeting or a private conversation. No, Gabbard chose to publicly tweet a vid

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The US Air Force is looking to shift to just making multiple next-generation technology fighters. They will not endlessly hone requirements for some super fighter that would be built in 25 years. The Air Force would rapidly churn out aircraft with ne

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Researchers have developed a unique new material out of wood and spider silk--and since it outperforms most of today's synthetic and natural materials by providing high strength, stiffness, and increased toughness, scientists say it could one day