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by Adam Goldman/Michael S. Schmidt/Nicholas Fandos

In the days after President Trump fired James B. Comey as F.B.I. director, law enforcement officials became so concerned by the president's behavior that they began investigating whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against American inte

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'Axing Comey was a great day for America': Trump launches Twitter tirade after learning FBI 'opened a probe into whether he was a secret agent for the Russians' after firing the agency's former director and blasts 'losers who tried to do a number on

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President Trump on Saturday lashed out after a Friday evening report in the New York Times that US law enforcement officials "became so concerned by the president's behavior" in the days after Trump fired James Comey as FBI director, that "they began

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Last Friday morning, we adjourned the blog in anticipation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller handing over certain FBI documents in the General Flynn matter demanded by DC District Federal Judge Emmett G. Sullivan no later than 3:00 p.m. that day.