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The federal government owns around 640 million acres of land (about 28 percent) of the 2.27 billion acres of land in the United States. Around 92 percent of federally owned acres are in 12 Western states

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Mark Dice -

eBay banning the selling of Dr Suess books (the six that have been deemed as 'culturally insensitive')

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Outrage as eBay REMOVES listings for canceled Dr Seuss books 'because they glorify violence' but allows copies of Mein Kampf and Louis Farrakhan's books to be sold

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Childrens Health Defense - By Megan Redshaw, J.D.

Days after the FDA approved J&J's COVID vaccine for emergency use, the company announced plans to test the vaccine on newborns, despite the vaccine's risks and strong evidence that COVID poses virtually no risk to healthy children.

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Judge For Yourself Hello friends and new visitors! There is a tremendous amount of information on this website, which can be overwhelming so we wanted to create this portal as a quick introduction to Austin Steinbart.

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Scientists designing method to remove fear, boost confidence via brain stimulation