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Military Industrial Complex

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Vincent Fernando, CFA and Kamelia Angelova

U.S. industrial production remains well below its peak level. In the meantime, America's output of defense and space equipment, mostly tools of war, is at record levels. Industrial activity is clearly booming in the wrong place.

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Scott Higham and Peter Finn, The Washington Post

The spending is part of at least $500 million that has transformed what was once a sun-beaten and forgotten Caribbean base into one of the most secure military and prison installations in the world. That does not included construction bonuses, which

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According to the “Base Structure Report”, an annual report of the Department of Defense, in the year 2002 we had 725 bases in other people’s countries. The base world is secret. 40 percent of the defense budget is black. No congressman can see it. Al

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Dan Froomkin, Huffington Post

. . . when investigators determine the precise cause of the oil-rig explosion that threatens to poison huge swaths of the Gulf of Mexico, what they'll conclude is that something went catastrophically wrong with the work done by Halliburton.

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