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What Happens If We Don't Change Course: Earth Day 2050?

Part 1: What are we doing to change course?  Why haven't we taken action on an international level?  It's only 26 years away, but what do we expect to happen on Earth Day 2050?  

"You cannot live through a single day without having an impact on the world around you.  What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make." Jane Goodall

Dozens of emails poured into my computer after the publication of "Irony, Pain, and Hope for Earth Day 2024." (March 22, 2024)  Some quite negative! Some gave up years ago.  Some felt distressed over the 1.0 million vertebrate creatures killed on America's highways every single day of the year.  Many "birders" felt angry at the wind turbines chopping up a half million birds annually;  just in the United States.  That number doubles and even quadruples when you look at wind turbines all over Europe, Canada, Australia.  Some could not comprehend the enormous number of plastics floating on the surface or sunk to the bottom of our oceans.

In fact, oceanographer Julie Whitty in OneEarth Magazine, researched and calculated a figure that just about blew my mind: on average, 56,000 plastic bottles cover every square mile of our oceans.  The 100,000,000 ton Great Pacific Garbage Patch floating out in the Pacific Ocean about 1,000 miles off San Francisco measures about the size of Texas. It's anywhere from 30 to 90 feet deep of floating plastics.  It keeps growing by 8,000,000 pieces of plastic tossed into our oceans 24/7.  It kills millions of mammals including dolphins, whales, sea birds by the tens of thousands, seals, turtles, sharks and just about any sea creature caught in its grasp.  

When Oprah Winfrey reported on it 20 years ago, I figured that all the leaders of the world would mandate a 50 cent deposit/return container law to make certain of a 99 percent return on all containers.  What happened?  Answer: NOTHING!  You can't help but scratch your head and wonder, "How stupid, how arrogant, how insane, how ignorant, and how obscene is the human race?"  Answer: I would submit that humans are/were God's worst mistake. 

What other species has done SO much damage to this planet in less than 100 years?  What other species created 84,000 chemicals?  Who created massive wars that last for decades that kill millions of people?  What other species causes so much suffering of women, children and animals in places like Africa, India and more countries than I can count?  What other species would be smart enough and dumb enough to create highly toxic Roundup, spray it all over America, watch the cancers explode in humans and contamination of soil, air and water, after 30 years, and KEEP PRODUCING IT for any moron to spray everywhere—on all our crops, on our gardens and along our sidewalks?  It soaks into our groundwater—ultimately poisoning our drinking water!

All the while, we use every other kind of insecticide, pesticide and synthetic fertilizers to cover farmland with poisons. 

You've heard of "Bee Colony Collapse."  We spray so many poisons on our crops, our flowering plants---that bees lose their bearings, their nerves and their ability to function.  Those pollinators are the most important link between humans and our food.  Do you think that stops all those chemical companies from producing those poisons?  Answer:  Monsanto still produces Agent Orange, offshoots of DDT, and hundreds of other chemicals.  Guess what? We buy all those poisons to poison ourselves and our children.

How do you think it's going to play out in another 26 years as we gallop toward 2050?  

During this series, I will paint a picture of what it's going to look like on "Earth Day 2050."  You won't like it. It will frighten you.  Maybe it will scare you enough to take action to stop this ongoing insanity be perpetuated on our civilization.

Additionally, I will address the fact that we're running out of water, energy and resources to  sustain the 350,000,000 Americans---plus another 30 or 40 million illegal aliens who have invaded our country. When you understand that we face another 80 to 100 million MORE people added to America, you might suffer a panic attack for your children or anyone living in America in 2050.

I have read two very important books on what we face:  Christopher O. Clugston's book Scarcity: Because the natural resource  utilization behavior that enables our current success—our industrialized way of life—and that is essential to perpetrating our success, is simultaneously undermining our very existence.

He emphatically states that we will run out of the natural resources that "allow"  our current existence. Once they suffer exhaustion, all hell will break loose.  He said, "Neither our natural resource utilization behavior nor our industrial lifestyle  paradigm is sustainable.  This is our predicament."

Clugston said, "If we Homo Sapiens (clever apes) are truly an exceptional species, now is the time to prove it."

Will we change course toward a sustainable future for our coming generations?  What do  you think?  

Part 2:  Riding the resource horse until it dies under the saddle.  Money and power more important than reasoned choices.  Humanity's need for wars rather than peaceful solutions.