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What Really Happened On October 7? Is Mike Johnson A True Pro-Liberty Speaker?

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Let me remind readers that whenever the entirety of the mainstream media, politicians from both parties and religious leaders from both the right and the left start talking from the same script, start singing the same song and start chanting the same litany over and over and over and over again, YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED WITH LIES.

Examples of the above:



The Ukraine war

And now the Israeli war against the Palestinians

Almost NOTHING that we are being told is true. The "prince of the power of the air" (Ephesians 2:2) is marshaling his demonic forces together to deceive the world (Revelation 12:9). As with the 9/11 narrative, Covid narrative and the Ukraine war narrative, so, too, the narrative regarding the events of October 7 in Israel is pure deceit. 

Writing for TheCradle.co, Robert Inlakesh and Sharmine Narwani report:

Two weeks after the Hamas breakout assault on Israel on 7 October, a clearer picture of what happened – who died, and who killed – is now beginning to emerge. 

Instead of the wholescale massacre of civilians claimed by Israel, incomplete figures published by the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz show that almost half the Israelis killed that day were in fact combatants - soldiers or police.

In the interim, two weeks of blanket western media reporting that Hamas allegedly killed around 1,400 Israeli civilians during its 7 October military attack has served to inflame emotions and create the climate for Israel's unconstrained destruction of the Gaza Strip and its civilian population. 

Accounts of the Israeli death toll have been filtered and shaped to suggest that a wholesale civilian massacre occurred that day, with babies, children, and women the main targets of a terror attack.

Now, detailed statistics on the casualties released by the Israeli daily Haaretz paint a starkly different picture. As of 23 October, the news outlet has released information on 683 Israelis killed during the Hamas-led offensive, including their names and locations of their deaths on 7 October. 

Of these, 331 casualties – or 48.4 percent - have been confirmed to be soldiers and police officers, many of them female. Another 13 are described as rescue service members, and the remaining 339 are ostensibly considered to be civilians.

While this list is not comprehensive and only accounts for roughly half of Israel's stated death toll, almost half of those killed in the melee are clearly identified as Israeli combatants. 

There are also so far no recorded deaths of children under the age of three, which throws into question the Israeli narrative that babies were targeted by Palestinian resistance fighters. Of the 683 total casualties reported thus far, seven were between the ages of 4 and 7, and nine between the ages of 10 and 17. The remaining 667 casualties appear to be adults.

The numbers and proportion of Palestinian civilians and children among those killed by Israeli bombardment over the past two weeks – over 5,791 killed, including 2,360 children and 1,292 women, and more than 18,000 injured - are far higher than any of these Israeli figures from the events of 7 October.

Aviva Klompas, a former speechwriter for the Israeli mission to the UN, was the first Israeli of note to spread the claim that there were reports of "Israeli girls being raped and their bodies dragged through the street.

She posted this on X at 9:18 PM (Palestine time), on 7 October, although an op-ed Klompa published with Newsweek at 12:28 AM (Palestine time), on 8 October, made no mention of any sexual violence. 

Klompas is also the co-founder of Boundless Israel, a "think-action tank" that works "to revitalize Israel education and take bold collective action to combat Jew-hatred." An "unapologetically Zionist" charitable group that works to promote Israeli narratives on social media. 

The Hamas plan

There is little to no credible evidence that Palestinian fighters had a plan to - or deliberately sought to - kill or harm unarmed Israeli civilians on 7 October. From the available footage, we witness them engaging primarily with armed Israeli forces, accounting for the deaths of hundreds of occupation soldiers.

More questions than answers

It is essential to recognize that in many reports by western journalists on the ground, the majority of information regarding the actions of Hamas fighters comes from the Israeli army - an active participant in the conflict.  

Emerging evidence now indicates that there is a high probability, especially due to the scale of the infrastructural damage, that Israeli military forces could have deliberately killed captives, fired on incorrect targets, or mistaken Israelis for Palestinians in their firefights. If the only source of information for a serious claim made is the Israeli army, then it has to be taken into account that they have reason to conceal cases of friendly fire.

Israeli friendly fire was rampant, even in the days that followed, from an army with very little actual combat experience. In the city of Ashkelon (Askalan) on 8 October, Israeli soldiers shot dead and shouted insults at the body of a man they believed to have been a Hamas fighter, yet later realized they had executed a fellow Israeli. This is just one of three such examples of friendly fire in one day, resulting in the killing of Israelis by their own troops.

In the meantime, Palestinian civilians in Gaza endure ongoing, indiscriminate attacks with the most sophisticated heavy weapons in existence, living under the persistent threat of forced and potentially irreversible displacement. This Israeli air blitz was made possible only by the flood of unsubstantiated 'Hamas atrocities' stories that media began to circulate on and after 7 October. 

I encourage you to read the entire report.

Of course, the propaganda of Hamas trying to "wipe out" Israel—along with the Israeli-contrived stories of Hamas atrocity—instantly made the entire news media, political establishment and evangelical churchdom jump into the same bed: all of them making love with the darling of deception, darkness and destruction: Zionist Israel.

Evangelical preachers quickly dusted off their notes from Darby, Scofield, Larkin and LaHaye and began saturating the airways with the "signs" of Jesus' return and how everyone must come to the aid of Netanyahu's apartheid state.

One would think that people would catch on to this charade at some point. These phony prophecy preachers use the same Bible verses to make the same worn-out predictions about Israel and the Second Coming year in and year out, decade in and decade out.

Furthermore, one would think that someone would ask the question: Wait a minute! According to Scofield Futurism, before Jesus can return, the "antichrist" is going to appear on the global stage and make a peace treaty with Israel, which he will break. Upon which, he will begin a wholesale slaughter of the Israeli people (Darbyites call them "Jews"). Only then, at the last minute, like the 7th Cavalry coming to rescue the doomed settlers from the savage Indians, Jesus comes.

So, the question is: If this is the way all of this must happen (because that's what the Book of Revelation teaches), then why all the fuss and bother by evangelicals to come to Israel's assistance? Are they not impotently interfering with God's plan?

Oh! That's right! They aren't going to be here for all of that, because they will be "raptured" to Heaven beforehand.

Still, evangelicals have made Israel an idol. Their very faith system depends on Israel. Take away Israel, and most evangelicals no longer have a faith system. Yet, the evangelical belief system regarding Israel demands that the "antichrist" rise up and slaughter it before Christ returns.

So, the thinking goes something like this: We can't let Hamas or Hezbollah or Syria or Iran destroy Israel; we must make sure that only the "antichrist" does it. "So, why can't Hamas be the 'antichrist'?" you ask. Because the evangelicals haven't been "raptured" yet, Silly.

Folks, don't try to make sense out of Scofield Futurism; it is a nonsensical fairytale.

The point is: Here we go again with the mainstream media, political parties on both sides of the aisle and evangelicals everywhere all uniting together in Covid/Ukraine lockstep for the Israel war narrative.

Even the new "conservative" Speaker of the House, Michael Johnson, is singing from the same sheet of music.

Here is Ron Paul:

Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson has been chosen as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, ending the three-week drama. Representative Johnson has a reputation as a fiscal and social conservative. He has at times opposed funding the Ukraine war, suggesting he may be open to non-interventionist arguments or at least unwilling to give the military-industrial complex a blank check. However, he also supports giving Israel "whatever it needs" to defeat Hamas. [Meaning Johnson is another Zionist-bought U.S. politician.]

Speaker Johnson has suggested that another short-term continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown may be necessary to ensure the House is not pressured into passing an omnibus spending bill at the end of the year. He has said he wants to pass individual spending bills through the House. This could help restrain spending.

However, Speaker Johnson should not trade away the leverage a potential shutdown gives fiscal conservatives. A Speaker who is truly committed to individual liberty and who understands the urgent need to cut government spending would be willing to shut down the government if that is what it takes to get Congress to make real spending cuts. This hypothetical pro-liberty Speaker would refuse to bring any bill increasing any spending in any area to the House floor unless it offsets the spending increases with equal or greater spending cuts.

A pro-liberty Speaker would work to repeal unconstitutional federal programs, agencies, and departments. Instead of replacing Obamacare with Obamacare Light, a pro-liberty Speaker would work to repeal all federal intervention in healthcare and restore patient control via tax credits and expanded Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). Instead of No Child Left Behind 2.0, a pro-liberty Speaker would work to shut down the unconstitutional Department of Education.

A pro-liberty Speaker would form coalitions with antiwar progressives to defund all unconstitutional military operations, bring the troops home, dramatically cut spending on militarism, and forbid funding for wars not declared by Congress [AMEN!]. There could also be a left-right populist coalition formed to end corporate welfare and all other federal regulatory and spending legislation that benefits large financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and other big businesses [AMEN!]. The savings from those cuts could be used to support those dependent on government programs while Congress phases out the welfare state. Also, young people should be allowed to opt out of Social Security and Medicare in exchange for a payroll tax exemption.

A pro-liberty Speaker would only bring legislation to the floor of the House that protects liberty and is constitutional. A pro-liberty Speaker would work to protect the entire Bill of Rights. That means no more PATRIOT Acts, drug wars, civil asset forfeiture, airport harassment, or government-sponsored online censorship [AMEN!]. Instead of responding to mass shootings with thoughts, prayers, and authoritarianism, a pro-liberty Speaker would work to repeal unconstitutional gun control laws that leave innocent Americans defenseless [AMEN!].

Last, but certainly not least, a pro-liberty Speaker would seek to audit and end the Federal Reserve. He should also seek to protect the people's right to use alternative currencies such as precious metals and cryptocurrency.

The election of a pro-liberty Speaker of the House will not happen until the liberty movement is able to gain more influence in the political climate. This is why all of us who know the truth must continue to spread the ideas of liberty.

Dr. Paul is right: Mike Johnson is not that true pro-liberty Speaker of the House. He begins his tenure as House Speaker proving that he is owned by the same Israeli lobby as the vast majority of congressmen and senators—from both the Republican and Democrat parties.

What was that Yogi Berra said? "It's deja vu all over again."

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