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US, UK, France Back Saudi/UAE Assault on Yemeni port city

US, UK, France Back Saudi/UAE Assault on Yemeni Port City

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org - Home - Stephen Lendman)

Yemen is Washington's war, begun under Bush/Cheney, earlier drone war escalated by US-supported/Saudi-led terror-bombing.

Countless thousands of civilians already perished, a Yemeni child dying every 10 minutes from starvation alone, according to UNICEF last year. Maybe it's one every minute now, a toll unreported in the mainstream.

The lives and welfare of around 300,000 Yemeni children are at risk by the US/UK/French-supported Saudi/UAE aggression on the port city of Hodeidah.

The battle is the largest ground offensive since since Obama's orchestrated/Saudi-led terror-bombing began in March 2015.

Hodeidah is the entry point for around 70% of Yemeni humanitarian aid. Accelerated starvation may follow if the city falls to Saudi/UAE forces.

Tens of thousands could die from war-related violence. According UK-based Stop the War Coalition head Lindsey German:

The attack on Hodeidah has "the full backing of the US and UK governments show the true face of their foreign policy." 

"Trump and his close ally Theresa May have been escalating military involvement in Yemen without pushing for a political settlement to the Saudi-led war." 

"Their total support for Saudi Arabia and its allies is making the world's worst humanitarian crisis even more severe."

The Trump and Tory regimes increased weapons and munitions sales to the Saudis and UAE, waging endless war on Yemenis, civilians suffering most like always in conflict theaters.

US special forces are involved in waging war on Yemen, along with their UK and French counterparts.

Around eight million Yemenis are at risk of starvation, over a million others suffering from cholera and other diseases.

A so-called Saudi-UAE "multi-faceted" plan to protect Hodeidah civilian risks tens of thousands of deaths, countless others injured and displaced.

Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankine Galloway said Washington is supplying the Saudi-led campaign with targeting information, refueling their warplanes, and logistical support - falsely adding:

"We do not provide any additional support to the Saudi coalition's military operations." The US, UK and France are directly involved in ongoing naked aggression, including the slaughter of civilians.

On Wednesday, the assault on Hodeidah began, Houthi fighters refusing to withdraw from the port city. On Saturday, Saudi and UAE troops entered the city's airport, according to some reports seizing it - unacknowledged by the Houthis.

Human rights and humanitarian aid officials reported intense fighting in and around the city, trapped civilians unable to leave for relative safety away from the eye of the storm.

Fighting so far hasn't reached central Hodeidah or its port. According to the French broadsheet Le Figaro, US, UK and French special forces are involved on the ground, directly aiding Saudi-UAE forces in the battle of Hodeidah.

Fighting is likely to continue for some time, the humanitarian lifeline city at risk of falling, cutting off vital aid to millions of Yemenis in dire need.

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