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What Would You Do for “Truth”?

I closed a recent post by saying this:

If you’re not willing to suffer for your beliefs, you’re not much of a believer.

To that I will add that the statement remains true, no matter what types of beliefs we’re talking about. Either we have the guts to stand by our beliefs or we don’t. (Which is why a lot of people avoid them – they haven’t the guts to choose.) Holding to our beliefs under fire is the crucial test – not of our beliefs, but of ourselves.

Anytime you move the world forward in some way, you will receive a backlash. In a world like ours – a world neurotically devoted to stasis – that is almost unavoidable.

Have you ever noticed that when people complain about tax collectors or the police, they look around first and lower their voices? The reason why is ultra-obvious: They expect those groups to seek out and hurt people who oppose them.

Why We Suffer

In societies that dedicate themselves to law and punishment, people learn to neurotically avoid all blame. That’s the big problem with “law” – it demands that you remember tens of thousands of rules and punishes you if you fail to obey them. That leaves all of us subject to punishment at every moment of our lives. And that’s a recipe for stress and neurosis.

On top of that, people very well understand that by changing their opinions or actions, they are judging their previous choices as “bad.” And bad, of course, means that you can expect punishment.

Since everyone in a “modern society” grows up learning that changing opinions invites punishment, they come to instinctively avoid it.

What all of this means is this:

For all practical purposes, progress is grounds for punishment, and talk of progress is both suspicious and dangerous.

Yet here we are… and here all sane, healthy people are… trying to move forward.

The sad truth is this:

If you wish to progress, those people who’ve bought into the system will instantly see you as a threat and will therefore oppose you.

Sure, these people should grow up and do better, but the system has trained them in this behavior all their lives. My dad, for example, was a very bright man and definitely not a coward. But when he once asked me what I was doing that evening, I mentioned that I might attend a meeting of libertarians, and he said, “Ah, crap. You’re gonna go to jail.”

My dad may have leapt to a conclusion, but he very rightly understood that going against the status quo brings trouble.

(I didn’t actually go that night, and believe it or not, I’ve only attended one or two official libertarian meetings ever.)

The Price We Must Pay

As I say, in the current situation, moves forward will be opposed, and that means you’ll have to accept pain. That sucks, but it doesn’t suck worse than the alternative, which is a neutered stasis in a permanent semi-slavery.

And please don’t think you can avoid the pain and still make any meaningful progress. What’s going on when we move forward is that we suffer for our virtues. The only way to avoid that is to turn away from those virtues. And that means diminishing ourselves.

Don’t do it – your life is worth more than that.

We may as well accept that we’re enemies of the status quo, and our lives therefore involve risk.

Anyone who is serious about goodness becomes an enemy of the system. Anyone who is serious about liberty is already an enemy of the system. We can either accept that or evade that, but it will not go away.

If we accept it, we make ourselves better and we eventually make the world better.

If we evade it, we degrade ourselves and we degrade the world.

Let’s choose not to be harmless serfs. We’re so much better than that.

Paul Rosenberg

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In 1917, Jacob Schiff handed Lev Bronstein, (Leon Trotsky) $20 Million USD, before Trotsky boarded a ship, in New York Harbor, bound for Russia, and the Rothschild/Schiff-funded overthrow, of the Romanov Dynasty (in the plans, since 1824!)  What did this newly formed “Bolshevist” Government do, under Lenin, then Stalin? These 72-82% “Jews” within the new Russian Government SLAUGHTERED 20-60 MILLION RUSSIAN (mainly CHRISTIAN) PEASANTS, and gave the proceeds (personal property, and land) to themselves, and their cronies. Question: With all these dual Israeli/American (Zionist) “Citizens” currently living inside the United States – IS the United States currently being set-up, for another HOLOCAUST?????  It certainly appears so.

The 20th Century was the HOLOCAUST OF THE “GENTILE” (some 250 Million people died by government, in the 20th Cent.)

So, why the inordinate focus, of our media, on the reported deaths of the “6 Million” (“Jews”) in Nazi Concentration Camps?


Comment by Anon Commenter
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Rothschilds created the State of Israel in 1948.  Prior to that, it was ALWAYS known as Palestine.  Rockefellers are Rothschild-agents in the U.S., as J.D. Rockefeller received financing from the Rothschilds, in building his empire in the U.S., beginning in the late 1800's. 

Rothschild-created (Zionist) Israel, appears to control U.S. Foreign Policy via AIPAC, but, upon closer examination, it seems that it's really the International Central Bankers, Oil Corporations, and Weapons Manufacturers, and other globalist multinational corporations, who, together with their bought-and-paid-for U.S. Government, and MainStream Media, are really in charge, and Israel and its people, are simply ruled over, by their Zionist Cronies in Israel, just as most nations around the world, are, to some extent co-opted by these same interests.  Having said that, it is instructive, that the Rothschilds "ethnic" heritage appears to be "Jew"-ish.

'To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.'  -  Voltaire

With the above quote in mind, and knowing that the Rothschilds are of "Jew"-ish

ethnicity, and that they, and other International Central Banking Families own and operate the so-called "Federal" "Reserve", which went into operation after Dec. 23rd, 1913, with the passage of the so-called "Federal" "Reserve" Act  - you can read more on this subject, here:

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families


You can find out just who, exactly, we are NOT allowed to criticize, here:

DEFAMATION, a documentary film, by Yoav Shamir


Also, read THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by Arthur Koestler - every "Zionist" Israeli, and ESPECIALLY, every Zionist-affiliated American Christian, should read The Thirteenth Tribe, by Arthur Koestler.  You see, the larger problem is that MOST Americans do NOT have a REAL EDUCATION not only in American History, but in the History of Western Civilization, going back to ancient Sumer.  EVERYONE needs to understand, that it's literally a case of the 1% globally, vs. the 99%, globally.  Most foreign governments are OWNED by the fact, that their currency is under the umbrella, of the IMF, BIS, World Bank, and "Fed" regime.  America, and Americans, have been USED by this "Military-Industrial"/Banking Regime, to expand its OWN power, and agenda, across the globe, just as it had done previously, under the former British Empire.

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As many of you already know, John B. Wells, long-time Saturday Night Host of Coast-to-Coast AM, was let go, by C2C/Clear Channel - you can read more on this here:  http://thecommonsenseshow.com/2014/02/06/john-b-wells-fired-for-being-too-popular-and-truthful-an-exclusive-interview/

Anyway, the BEST interviews he has done, so far, on his GREAT new show, "Caravan to Midnight" are Episodes 4, 11, and 12 (IMHO):

Episode 4, with Ty Bollinger: 

Episode 12, with Gary Yantis: 

Episode 11, with Mike Adams: