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Barack Obama: basically dishonest, incompetent and corrupt

“It is very sad that our first African-American president will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, destructive and divisive present ever. A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.”  Email sent by Daniel Johns
When historians investigate the rise, failure and fall of Barack Obama, they will uncover a plethora of unpleasant realities that Americans on both sides of the political aisle refused to investigate.  Clearly, power brokers awarded him a free pass from personal accountability and responsibility because of his skin color.   Obama never showed competence as a business man, or running a company, as a distinguished educator, honored lawyer or success at anything other than rhetoric.
His only job before ascending to the position of U.S. Senator from Illinois: community organizer.  Before that, he lived out of the United States in Muslim countries and attended Islamic schools until the age of 11 or so.  No one knows.  He “earned” sub-par grades in high school and in college at Columbia and Harvard. No one knows where he acquired the money to attend such prestigious and expensive institutions—or how he obtained scholarships or passed entrance tests to merit admission.   In fact, no one knows anything of his youth other than he smoked or snorted a lot of drugs like marijuana and cocaine.  That’s about the only thing he ever admitted.
In order to cover his past, he employed an armada of lawyers who sealed his records from public scrutiny.  In fact, Obama voluntarily surrendered his law license because the “law” would have revoked it in light of illegal dealings at some point in Chicago.  In other words, his propensity for corruption started early from lying about his birth certificate, his passport and his real father.
Peter Boyles, radio talk show host at www.710knus.com in Denver, Colorado, interviewed numerous experts who conclusively show that Barack Obama did not write his book: Dreams of my Father or the second one.  Those guests proved the time lines totally fabricated and false.  One documentary film maker Joel Gilbert, directed the movie  “Dreams of My “Real” Father” showing that Barack Obama does not look anything like his purported Kenyan father, but, in reality, looks like a twin of Frank Marshall Davis, a communist propagandist lurking around the USA from 1905 to 1987—who also lived in Hawaii. 
As a youth in Africa, Obama, aka, Barry Soetoro,  attended Muslim schools, but when he arrived in Chicago, he attended Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years where he heard the angry preacher yell repeatedly, “God d*mn America…” without questioning such ugly hate from a “fellow” American citizen.  Only after Obama’s campaign took off, did he finally renounce Wright.
Without a shred of doubt, Obama ran against an aging troglodyte named Senator John McCain and a confused Republican Party in 2008.  He ran against the tragedy of George W. Bush and his “Weapons of Mass Destruction” lie that killed 4,000 young American kids and murdered 200,000 plus Iraqi citizens in a 10 year war that accomplished nothing but the destruction of a functioning civilization.  Additionally, Obama’s silvery-tongued oratory shown above the dullard John McCain.
In a nutshell, America’s “white guilt” and its moral charge to elect a black man to the highest office in the land, because of that guilt, thrust Barack Hussein Obama into the U.S. presidency—with no experience, no leadership skills, no talent for understanding a complex world and no knowledge on how to run the vast American economy.  He did employ, as of this month, eight Muslim-American insiders now working within his cabinet—to promote more Muslim immigration and more Muslim influence within the United States.
Since his election, food stamp recipients grew from 36 million in 2008 to 47 million in 2013.    Why?  Answer: 47 million Americans cannot find or secure living-wage jobs.  Over 13.4 million American children live in poverty. Millions of American children feed off “free” breakfast and lunches at schools.  A mind- numbing 68 percent of African-American children live with their single mother and 99 percent of those mothers live on welfare.  At this time well over one-third of American black men cannot obtain a job.  (Source: Dottie Lamm, Denver Post)
At the same time, Obama’s support of the S744 amnesty bill will inundate the United States with 33 million more immigrants (125,000 every 30 days) within the next decade and eventually—100 million more immigrants by 2050—37 years from now.
Since his election, more Americans entered into poverty than any time in history.  Over 14 million Americans cannot secure a full time job and another 7 million suffer half-time jobs at minimum wage.  All the while, an estimated eight million illegal aliens enjoy full time jobs because the president of the United States refuses to enforce employment laws for anyone living in America in violation of immigration laws.
·        As president, he unlawfully mandated an immediate clemency for 1 to 2 million illegal adult children of illegal alien migrants.
·        Continues to suppress and seal any and all records from his past as a high school student, college student, valid passports, valid birth certificate and work history.
·        He continues a massive cover-up of the Benghazi killings of Americans at the consulate in Libya.  
Additionally, the fact that he did not prevent such deaths by proactive actions illustrates his gross incompetence.  http://www.commentarymagazine.com/2013/08/02/if-benghazis-no-scandal-why-the-cover-up-cia-jake-tapper/
·        Obama and Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder continue a cover up on the “Fast and Furious” gun running escapades that killed U.S. Border Patrol agents.
·        Obama’s Social Security card originated in Connecticut where he never lived or visited.  Experts guess that his grandmother, who worked for the Social Security office, stole it from a dead man from Connecticut who never collected and gave it to Barack Obama because he did not possess a valid U.S. birth certificate.
·        Latest IRS scandal targeting anyone who would question his authority strikes a deep cord of presidential corruption deeper than ever experienced in America history.
·        Obama continues outright usurpation of the U.S. Constitution.
History will show, when the aforementioned facts come to light, and they will come to light, that Barack Obama  proves to have been one of the most corrupt, incompetent and dishonest U.S. presidents of all time, if not # 1 in all of American history.   
Frosty Wooldridge has bicycled across six continents - from the Arctic to the South Pole - as well as eight times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. In 2012, he bicycled coast to coast across America.  In 2013, he bicycled 2,500 miles, climbed 150,000 vertical feet and five states from Mexico to Canada on the Continental Divide with 19 pass crossings. He presents “The Coming Population Crisis facing America: what to do about it.” 
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