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Freedom is a Funny Thing

Yesterday was a pretty slow day at the office. There were few clients, and the phones were silent. I had taken a break from being called a statist sheeperson by keyboard warriors, and was chilling with my ever insightful boss during the lunch break.

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Comment by Ed Price
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"Time to lighten up."

One very interesting point is that, among all our fears of military takeover and wars abroad, we still have the Internet connecting to all the people and countries that we are fighting or looking to fight.

Consider Iran, one of our new enemies, sort of. New in terms of focus, anyway. Iran has one of the 13 basic world Internet root servers - How is this possible, considering that a major portion of the Internet is run by the military, as is a major portion of TOR? Something is a little off here. Is EVERYTHING POLITICAL simply a big show?

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom