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I'm really getting sick and tired of this bullshibbit. THEY ARE ALL OUR CHILDREN.

I have known Clyde for a while and a half. Clyde has a history in military intel back in the day when military decision makers found computers and statistical analysis mystefying.
Clyde and me were camp mates at a time when me and my Chief were laying down the law. We chased all the meth producers and most of the meth users out because we meant to make it a safe place for a crop of kids we were raising up.
The only problem happened when we ran up against these entrenched Arian Asswipe meth dealers and a couple of their young bloods made the mistake of directly challenging me. And they made a drastic mistake in thinking I was a solitary target. But there were times when I knew, and was glad to perceive that Clyde had our back. With a .45 in a sandwich bag.
See Clyde is a hippy. An aged, old hippy, but a hippy nonetheless. Clyde is prone to show up in the middle of the night with a "great new concept" He is esoteric and he is annoying but I heard he got shoved out because of "taking pictures of childern".
OK, Ohan, so somebody gave Clyde a digital camera and he started taking pics of what he thought was most beautiful.
I muself find children to be as pretty as flowers. In my tradition, we sing songs to how beautiful they are, and how their little arms and legs are like little brown-colored circles, if you cross-sectioned them.
I muself find children, anybody's children to be a source of joy. And I'm lucky to be in a small mountain town because I speak to everybody, EVERYBODY including kids. With special partiality to the kids. They are number 1. And as any kind of photographer ( I got an old digital cam) I find flowers and children and sunrises to be indescribably beautiful and I futher find as a warrior, THEY ARE ALL MY CHILDREN. THEY ARE ALL OUR CHILDREN.
I was raised to be a warrior in a very, very large extended family. I was taught and I belive that all children are the responsibility of the adults of the nation (tribe) and it's our honour as warriors to literally glory in our children's triunph and accept them when they fail.
Never did Clyde show anything but brotherly love to the children of the camp I used to live in and I utterly reject any accusation of impropriety unless I am shown clear proof. And the fact that me and Clyde are total wierdos and talk about esoteric things does not make us sub-human. Or prone to sexual mollestation of minors, because one of the things that Clyde backed us up on was the rousting and subsequent throwing-out of the scum-bags and making our little community safe for children.
And now because of foolish pretenses and people who have too high an opinion of themselves, I have to go to war on behalf of my brother. "Taking pictures of kids" was his offense.
I myself, besides flowers, consider chilren to be a very exellent subject for photography. I must have 1000 pics of my friend Les' daughter Ray-Lee who calls me "uncle". I have known her since she was an infant and I have pics, I suppose I have pics of her in some state of undress.
Where did you people become paranoid? When did you stop?
I have been to Manhattan and into Grand Central Station and saw, guess what? A young woman trapped inside of the train car and the was begging and pleading for help, help, somebody help me and a WHOLE HOST OF RESPECTABLY DRESSED BUSINESS MEN WERE DOING THEIR BEST TO IGNORE HER.
When I got on that train platform, things changed in a hurry. First I convicred all of you rich suits by saying in a loud voice, "do you even call yourselves men?" And then I set about freeing the little captive from her prison.
I know I talk about two things at once, but here is where they come together: you people bitch but you have no authority. You bitch about people like me and Clyde that not only appreciate beauty but we seek to reinforce it.
And because of YOUR bent moral system, we who care and are ready to fight to defend you in any time and in any place, or just appreciate you, we are labeled as criminals.
And now this society places proscriptions on who we can and cannot help.

Now your people villify us and imprison us. Oh guess what else is new? Now you imprison your own people. At your considerable expense. You are the most judgemental people I have ever seen. And because of your judgement, I do not make you privvy to our plans that can save you and your adorable children.
Fact is you people with your "conservative values" can all go fuck yourselfes literally. Nobody else is going to love your selfish reptile ugly ass.
And maybe that's why we take pics of your kids rather than you. Because you are ugly in your mind and your heart and in your soul and in your deeds. And nobody in their right mind would leave children in your care.
And that's what you have to bitch about. Fuck you, show me the proof. Until then I will marry whom I want, I will raise the kids how I want and who's company they will preoccupy themselves with is purely my discretion because know what?
I'm already raising children. All of them. Unlike you who point fingers and suppose that failure to recieve people equates with love.
For my part, I will continue to act as a father, a tribal father. Yes, I have seen kids with no clothes in, it's easier to scrub them that way. Yes I think that children are the most beautiful and wonderful asset we have. Yes I will continue to take pics. And fuck you if you have an opinion.
No, I mean seriously FUCK YOU.

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Comment by Curtis Scott
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Excellent.  Well said.

Comment by Found Zero
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CoolFool, totally. And have you noticed this propensity in those who shout the loudest against  forms of "sexual perversion" seem to be the ones who are outed for same?

Newt Gingrich is on what? His 6th wife? John McCain's name is MUD among the Reagan Republican inner circle because he dumped his first wife when she was battling and dying from cancer, he dumped her for an heiress starlet. Nancy Reagan will never, ever forgive him for that.

But all this business of "stranger danger" and talking to kids, man I interact with kids every time I go to the supermarket. There's kids that run up to me on sight and wrap their little arms around my legs. I'm starting to think that just being me could get me arrested in other towns. But in Prescott Arizona, we're still blessed by Gods. Civility and cordiality permeates this town like a pleasent fragrance.

Comment by Robert Dunn
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After reading your article I must admit that I agree with you on many fronts. When and how did our society become so demented as to consider taking pictures of children sick or a crime? I too believe that there is nothing more pure and beautiful than the face of a child. To look at a young child and know that they have no prejudices or animosities. Just a mind full of wonder and curiousity. Ah but what a shame. Before long they all are programmed by their parents and society to become prejudice, judgemental and suspicious of anyone and everyone. They are our future and should be treated with admiration and respect. And the adults who label those who appreciate children for who they are as pedophiles or sick should look in the mirror.