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Vladimir Putin Offers Ceasefire Proposal to Permanently End War in Ukraine...

•, By Jim Hoft

Vladimir Putin on Friday offered a peace proposal to Ukraine to permanently end the War in Ukraine and begin negotiations.

Putin told reporters:

Vladimir Putin: "Today, we're making another real peaceful proposal, a proposal of peace. If they refuse once again in Kyiv, it is their business. It is their choice to continue this bloodshed. The reality on the ground will keep shifting and not in favor of the Kyiv regime, and the conditions for the talks will change as well. Let Let me emphasize that the gist of our proposal is not just a ceasefire or a temporary truth as the West wants it. They want to rearm the Kyiv regime. This is not about transforming this into a frozen conflict. We want to put an end to this conflict. Once again, I would like to say that as soon as Kyiv agrees to this turn of events, as we propose it today, as soon as they agree to withdraw the troops from the Porosha and Kherson regions and the People's Republic, we are ready to launch these talks without any delay.

X user Clandestine (who this website is not familiar with but holds a pro-Russian bent) reported on the offer:

Putin has offered Ukraine a "peace proposal" to permanently end this conflict and begin negotiations.

Ukraine, instructed by their US-handlers, have already denied the proposal because they refuse to admit defeat.

Putin has offered many opportunities for diplomacy, and the West decline every single time. Because the West started this war by CIA/State Dept color revolution in 2014, and they do not care about the Ukrainian People, and are sacrificing them by the hundreds of thousands to push their geopolitical agenda and weaken Russia.

The Biden regime fully intend to force Ukraine fight to the last Ukrainian before they admit they lost this war. As has been the case the entire time, Putin did not want this war, and has pleaded with the West to not cross the red line of bringing Ukraine into NATO.

Once you know the level of criminality the West are covering up in Ukraine (bioweapon development), you'll know why it is they cannot allow Ukraine to surrender. If Ukraine falls, the Deep State face extinction.

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Comment by Chip Saunders
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A demand for capitulation is not an actual proposal.

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