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Brighteon Broadcast News, June 14, 2024 - AI scientists want to hand genocidal US government...

•, Health Ranger Report

- AI and its potential dangers, weaponization by the NSA

- AGI by 2027 and the rise of superintelligence. (12:05)

- US military's use of weapons, #AI, and #depopulation agendas. (24:07)

- AI's potential to harm humanity through government control and depopulation efforts. (34:54)

- Open source: Decentralizing AI development for societal safety. (39:58)

- Saudi Arabia REJECTS the petro dollar: The end of dollar dominance. (54:36)

- US-Saudi relations, #Iran, #Israel, and the US Navy's declining dominance. (59:56)

- The potential collapse of the US #dollar and the benefits of investing in #gold and #silver. (1:10:21)

- The movie "Plandemic: The Musical" and its premiere. (1:37:20)

- Creativity, trust, and purity in the entertainment industry. (1:41:55)

- Prioritizing family values over career ambition in Hollywood. (1:47:56)