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Ignoring Daily Massacres In Gaza While Still Babbling About October 7


It's a waste of breath trying to argue that it's unjust to massacre over two hundred Palestinians rescuing four Israeli hostages; Israel supporters would have been happy if the number was over two million. They simply do not regard Palestinians as human beings. You may as well say they had to kill two hundred chickens to free four hostages. They don't care.

Ever since the Gaza onslaught began we've been seeing US officials play dumb about all the massacres and atrocities Israel has been committing, constantly telling the press "Yeah sorry we don't have any further information about that incident, we're talking to Israel, you should ask the Israelis." But a recent New York Times report says US and UK intelligence operatives "have been in Israel throughout the war" collaborating with Israeli intelligence to facilitate its operations there, which means they're clearly lying about how much information they have about these incidents.

On one hand you've got the far right zealots who openly say Palestinians should be exterminated like vermin, and on the other you've got the mainstream liberals who effectively support the same actions as the rightists but pretend to be very concerned about human rights in Gaza. 

And it's actually hard to say which one is more disgusting. I mean, at least the rightists are being honest about who they are and what they're doing.

It really is that all criticism of Israel gets labeled antisemitism. It really, truly is that simple. The liberal Zionist will deny this and insist that it is possible to criticize Israel without being antisemitic, but if you ask them to name a prominent figure who forcefully and continuously criticizes the murderousness and tyranny of the Israeli regime without being antisemitic they won't be able to. If you ask them for a list of things that are antisemitic to say when criticizing Israel, that list will always include items that are not at all hateful toward Jews.