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The Anti-Capitalist Social Order in Hollywood, and Our Campuses

•, by John Weeks

Never has this been more apparent than this spring as the state turned on American college students like a kindergarten version of the USSR:

"The opaque [Soviet] regime had originated as a conspiracy and had never ceased being one, while fighting against what one scholar has aptly called the 'omnipresent conspiracy.' The plots could be so convoluted that many of those involved did not even know about them. (As Macduff says in Shakespeare's Macbeth, 'Cruel are the times when we are traitors / And do not know ourselves')."

Since April 17, when students at Columbia University set up a protest encampment to communicate their horror and disgust at Israel's ongoing genocide in Gaza, protests have spread throughout America's colleges and universities.

The state has pretended to believe there is an omnipresent, antisemitic conspiracy deep within the American Academy. A convoluted conspiracy directed by a new Axis of Evil. The NYPD, in true knockoff NKVD style, recently held up a textbook on the history of terrorism as evidence of a plot to…do something…bad…to Israel?

Cruel are the times when we are traitors to a genocidal, foreign government / And do not know ourselves.

The state's response to this "vast conspiracy" has been to put boots on the ground, dish out beat downs, and arrest thousands of protesters. Which is sick, because the state's administrative interior troops (the police) are beating on our young adults for protesting a foreign government's wanton and gleeful killing of children.