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Hawaii visitors uncertain about going as traveler numbers decline

•, By Christine Hitt

All of Hawaii — including Maui — is open to visitors. Across the state, hotels, restaurants and tours are bidding for guests. A few places have even opened in Lahaina as well, such as the Hawaiian entertainment venue Old Lahaina Luau and restaurant Mala Ocean Tavern. 

However, some visitors are still uncertain about traveling to Hawaii at all.

"The feeling of being unwelcome started with the Covid lockdown and the treatment of the tourist then," Shelley Kresan, a visitor from California, told SFGATE in a Facebook message. 

"After the fires, I started hearing about how the tourists were recreating near where deaths occurred. Yeah, I can appreciate the shock, dismay and anger. But as time wore on, the attitude was: we need your tourist dollars, but don't really want you," she continued.

On Reddit, travelers ask every few months whether it's appropriate to go to Hawaii. Some users wonder if traveling to Hawaii is the right thing to do, especially to Maui. Some are going with caution, while others are going without reserve.

"So much anti-tourist, hate filled comments, it made me apprehensive about visiting," Mary, a visitor from Indiana, told SFGATE. She had been using Reddit to plan a trip, but now wants to delete her account. She said a Hawaii cousin told her that the hateful comments are "only on Reddit." 

The question of whether or not to go has played out even as the number of travelers has declined.