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Another Exiled Russian Billionaire Cries "Foul" from Bloomberg

•, By Phil Butler

Or, as the business bullhorn of Michael Bloomberg headlines it, "Putin Critic Warns Kremlin Will Seize More Assets to Punish Foes." Keep reading; this one will be fun, I promise.

So, in other words, a new Putin hater has had his criminality discovered and is pissed off because Russians will now benefit from the Rolf auto dealerships. The lead to the story by Bloomberg's Vienna chief Marton Edor goes like this:

"Sergey Petrov could do nothing from his home in the outskirts of Vienna as Russian President Vladimir Putin moved to take over the car dealership he had founded and built."

The poor man. He should seek comfort and advice from the Russians, who've had $330 billion seized or frozen by the United States and her allies. Wasn't it Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova who warned of a tit-for-tat response if the West went forward with what she termed "thievery?" RFERL reported, so it's inevitable the Western policy machine knew it was coming. And now another Putin hater and criminal wanted by the Russian Federation for a laundry list of crimes has a bellyache because his car company is now owned by the Russian government.

Like big-mouth Bill Browder, Yukos Oil mafioso Mikhael Khodorkovsky, and other West-backed privateers, Petrov sits comfortably in posh surroundings (in his case, Austria), ready to bitch and gripe about what was inevitable. You see, these people committed the most grievous thefts from the people of Russia. Then, when caught by Mr. Putin and his colleagues, they fled elsewhere to be harbored beneath the wings of Western oligarchs and CIA weasels. But let's focus on Petrov and his company.

According to mighty Wikipedia, Rolf Group is owned by Cyprus Trusts on behalf of Petrov. Russia's biggest auto dealership had roughly 19 billion rubles (207 million) seized when authorities ruled Petrov had illegally transferred funds overseas and was charged with massive fraud allegations.

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