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Mt. Gox Moves $9.6 Billion Worth Of Bitcoin - Are Creditors Finally Being Repaid?

• Zero Hedge

Collapsed cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox moved $9.62 billion worth of Bitcoin into a new wallet, raising hopes among creditors.

As Zoltan Vardai reporets at, the 141,686 Bitcoin was consolidated into wallet "1Jbez" from several other cold wallets associated with Mt. Gox.

These transfers are seen as a potential indication that users who have been unable to access their funds since 2014, when Mt. Gox suspended trading and withdrawals, might finally be repaid.

The transfers represent the first on-chain movement of funds from the exchange in over five years and seem in line with Mt. Gox's plans to repay creditors by the end of October 2024.

Mt. Gox wallet '"1Jbez" Source: CoinStats