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Kassam Warns Ukraine Will Be 'First African Nation in Europe' After Post-War Replacement Mig

• The National Pulse

"Ukraine, what's the plan for the future of Ukraine? Because, clearly, the plan isn't to keep young Ukrainian men alive to rebuild the nation after all of this is done," Kassam said while co-hosting the War Room with Donald Trump's former chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon.

"There's nothing left. So, who do you think they intend to import into Ukraine to rebuild the country? If I can put it so bluntly, Ukraine will be the first African nation in Europe in 10 to 15 years' time if this thing continues the way it is. They are going to mass import… They've got a base for mass migration like you've never seen before, and they've got a 'moral imperative' for it as well: 'We have to rebuild! Of course! We need all these people! Bring 'em in, they're academics and doctors,' and so forth," he explained.