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Team Trump just landed one of their bloodiest courtroom BLOWS on disgraced liar Michael Cohen…


Team Trump landed their hardest courtroom blows yet on the disheveled former attorney. Cohen is getting raked over the coals for literally stealing money from the Trump organization and lying under oath. He admits to both and yet has faced zero consequences. Go figure.

Below are more details from today's cross-examination.

Inner City Press:

Trump's lawyer Blanche: But Allen Weisselberg grossed up to $100,000 – so you stole from the Trump Organization, right? Cohen: I did. Blanche Have you been prosecuted for larceny or even made to pay it back?

Trump's lawyer Blanche: You stole from the Trump Organization? Cohen: Yes. Blanche: If you'd had a retainer agreement it would have been with Mr. Trump? Cohen: Yes. Blanche: Let me show you B-260, your email with Mr. Weisselberg, forwarding from Normal Ornelas?

Trump's lawyer Blanche: Put up People's Exhibit 1. The email from Allen Weisselberg to Jeff McConney. Why would Don Jr. and Eric approve your payments? Cohen: They were on the board of the Trust. Blanche: In 2017 you used Personal Attorney to President Trump? Yes

Trump's lawyer Blanche: You told TMZ? You gave a little scoop to the NYT about it? Cohen: Yes. I was proud of the role. Blanche: Show B-261, an email. Do you recognize it? Your farewell email to the Trump Organization? Cohen: Yes. Justice Merchan: Admitted