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•, By Jim Hoft

Former Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Friday to talk Ukraine, her new book, and the US Military's soft coup against President Trump during his first term.

Tulsi recently released her latest book, For Love of Country. You can purchase at the link here.

It is obvious in this interview that Steve Bannon is very impressed with Gabbard's foreign policy assessments.

Below is the transcript:

Steve Bannon: Walk us through about how they try to countermand, because I say, Hey, You saw it in the Joint Chiefs with Gen. Millie, you saw all these guys. It's essentially, to me, a coup. The Commander Chief gives orders, and they're not implemented. You saw this, and you saw it particularly in Syria.

Tulsi Gabbard: We saw how President Trump's orders as Commander and Chief and President were slow-rolled by people within the Pentagon and the State Department to the point where ultimately, Turkey decided to go and attack our allies and partners on the ground fighting against ISIS, the Kurds. It put the Department of Defense into this emergency situation where they had to immediately, within 24 hours, try to evacuate our troops out of there, an order that President Trump had given long before then.

You had the special envoy to Syria from the State Department, James Jeffries was his name, who openly touted the fact that he was going against President Trump's orders and trying to make another deal that would have had a very different outcome than the one President Trump outlined. And not only did he do this behind closed doors, he touted this openly in public and was celebrated by people in the media and the bureaucrats and different politicians in Washington.