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Word of the Day: Performative

•, By Karen Kwiatkowski

We've seen a lot of "performative" progressivism in recent years – Black Lives Matter and reparations from the Civil War, incessant genderology above the fold, Trump Derangement Syndrome, tomato soup weilding environmental activism, and DEI departments in every company, corporate board, and investment portfolio.

Each of these has consumed and wasted the mental, spiritual, and physical energy of millions of people.  Thankfully all are fading in their usefulness to the state.  Yet these performative movements were handmaid to the exercise in global martial law enforced by the energetic collusion of international organizations, powerful governments, and the military biowarfare complex starting in 2020.

Covid theater has not faded in usefulness, and many lessons were learned. Performative was the word, and the rule, of the day during the last Covid era. Masks and PCR tests were scientifically meaningless, but required to "show" loyalty and to demonstrate "trust."  Experimental gene therapies were applied en masse not only without scientific data collection, but with a mule-headed and criminal refusal by the state to even look at data on vaccine impacts being pushed up from the field like an artesian spring! An average fourth grader doing a science project would have been required to collect more data than the FDA and CDC ever asked for in this untested medical mandate across billions of human test subjects.

Instead of collecting and analyzing actual health data, governments were far more interested in identifying and punishing martial law violators and tracking down fake vaccination credentials. Covid demonstrated the performative nature of government medicine, and confirms its real purpose – to test systems of martial law, to increase and accustom citizenry in many countries to obedience and mass surveillance, and to practice targeted debanking, minority isolation and fine tuning state propaganda for efficiency and maneuverability. WHO knows.