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MTG: Is House Speaker Johnson Being Blackmailed?


"Mike Johnson has completely changed his character in a matter of about five months after he has become Speaker of the House," she told Carlson.

MTG continued, claiming people are asking her if the House Speaker is being blackmailed.

When Carlson asked the congresswoman if she thinks Johnson is being blackmailed, she answered, "I have no idea. I can't comprehend what radically changed, Tucker, what radically changes a man."

She pointed out the Christian House Speaker is now supporting a White House administration that is pushing war, abortion, the trans agenda, open borders and radical climate initiatives.

During one part of the talk, MTG went on an epic rant about the American people becoming fed up with all of the sick things the government is doing with their tax dollars.

The Georgia Rep. suggested the public "hold our government accountable and stand up and say, 'Enough of this!'" adding, "And I think they should throw out every single elected official. I'm not kidding! Everyone of us should be thrown out. This government is a failure to the American people…"

See the full interview below: