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In affront to God, Pope Francis condemns "antivaxxers," says NOT taking the...

•, Lance D Johnson

From the very beginning of the covid-19 scandal, Pope Francis made it clear that he is a virtue-signaling coward who worships every decree of propaganda put forth by the World Economic Forum, (WEF) the World Health Organization, (WHO) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. At the height of the propaganda, Francis promoted lockdowns, mandates, social distancing restrictions and ultimately vaccine passports. His fervent belief in this vaccine savior was so strong; he shut down church services, threatened the rights of individuals and demanded conformity to this newfound religion.

Four years later, Pope Francis continues to push dangerous covid-19 vaccines

Four years into the covid-19 scandal, Pope Francis won't relinquish his pride and continues to mock "anti-vaxxers." In a newly released memoir, Pope Francis was interviewed by journalist Fabio Marchese Ragona. In the interview, Francis said that opposition to the COVID-19 vaccines "distressed" him. He claimed that "being against the antidote is an almost suicidal act of denial."

"Deciding whether to get vaccinated is always an ethical choice, but I know that many people signed up to movements opposed to the administration of the medication. This distressed me because in my view, being against the antidote is an almost suicidal act of denial," Francis said, according to the LifeSiteNews.

According to Francis, the people living in fear are those that didn't take the vaccine. He claims "a generalized fear was created when superficial explanations of how the vaccines worked spoke of injections of the virus into the body."