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Mob Rule Versus Survival Of The West: Why Americans Should Be Watching The UK

•, by Susan Harris

At least in America we still have so much land area that most people are not yet feeling the effects of large-scale population displacement stemming from all forms of immigration.

In the UK, however, every day feels like an episode of "Survivor" as people who are being crammed in like sardines are increasingly made to fear that they'll be voted off the island.

Recently, protests surrounding the Israel–Hamas war have exposed the fragility of a British culture—and nation—on the verge of capsizing from the weight of immigration and cultural divides.

Well-known British YouTuber Paul Joseph Watson has been covering events there, addressing the British prime minister's remarks that his country is descending into "mob rule" and that the situation is urgent. The prime minister was referring to pro-Palestinian protesters currently flooding the streets of Britain.

Mr. Watson shared a genius chart from a user on social media platform X supposedly detailing the rise of mob rule in London. The user commented, "HOW DID WE GET HERE? After importing millions of people from countries with a culture of mob rule into London, mob rule has taken over London. Experts are crunching the numbers to figure out if systematically undermining basic law and order could have affected basic law and order."

Meanwhile, Pro-Palestinian protesters across Britain vowed more marches, ostensibly to protest Israeli attacks in Gaza.

Mr. Watson has also been covering reactions to another member of parliament recently claiming there were "no-go zones" in Birmingham. To support the existence of "no-go zones," Mr. Watson cited the Birmingham Mail newspaper, which reported that "due to soaring crime being committed by 'urban youths,' parts of the city center are no-go zones and the areas immediately surrounding Birmingham are no-go areas for the same reason," according to Mr. Watson.

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