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Here's How Much The White House Hates Elon Musk

•, by Tyler Durden

These are some of the strictest pollution standards ever for automobiles, as the woke climate change cult alleges that 'greenifying' the economy is necessary to avert a cataclysmic climate disaster that could wipe out the human race. 

Instead of focusing on the White House's push for 'clean vehicles' (readers already understand this story), we will show just how much the Biden administration hates Elon Musk, the billionaire who owns Tesla Motors and is leading the world's EV revolution. 

X user Robert Sterling posted an image of the Environmental Protection Agency's event on Wednesday that featured four vehicles on stage: "1 from GM, 1 from Chrysler, and 2 from Ford." 

"Here's how much the Democrats hate Elon Musk," Sterling wrote on X, pointing out that there were zero Teslas on stage. 

He said, "Last year, Ford sold 72,608 EVs. GM sold 75,883. Chrysler sold 0. Tesla sold 1,808,581."

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